What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

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Although it may seem minor, thousands of people are injured every year in situations where they slip and fall. Hazards like unmarked wet floors, faulty stairs, or uneven patches of ground are just a few examples of conditions that could lead to these injuries, some of them very serious. If you have recently suffered injuries resulting from slipping and falling on someone else’s property, there are a few things you should be aware of. Our slip and fall attorneys in Charlotte offer their advice.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your first priority is to see a doctor. If you are hurt, they can help treat the pain and document your injuries. Medical records are important pieces of evidence if you decide to seek compensation.

Report the Incident

Always report the accident to the manager, owner, or landlord, no matter where you fell. Try to get details of the incident in writing, and make sure both you and the person in charge have a copy. Document everything on your own as well. Collect all names and numbers of potential witnesses and write down any specific details you remember about the moment you fell.

Always Take Pictures

Providing visual evidence of the dangerous condition that caused your injury to occur is very helpful for your case. A photograph of the spill, broken step, or whatever might have led to your injury will help inform on the situation and potentially prove the owner had knowledge of the hazard. Remember, once the spill is cleaned or the step is fixed, that evidence is gone forever.

Call an Attorney

If you believe you deserve compensation for an injury, the best person to have by your side is an experienced attorney. At Hunter-Everage, we have the experience, skill, and dedication to recover the money you are entitled. Contact our slip and fall attorneys in Charlotte today.

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