What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

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While all car accidents can be stressful, being involved in a hit and run is extremely so. That’s why it’s important you take the proper steps if you’re involved in such an accident, especially if you hope to recoup losses to your vehicle. State Farm offers the following advice to drivers reeling after a hit and run.

Don’t leave the scene

While you may be tempted to leave the scene to go after the fleeing driver, don’t. You could be subject to steep fines and penalties, since leaving an accident scene for any reason other than to receive medical attention is illegal. Also, pursuing the fleeing driver could put you and others in jeopardy. Instead, wait for law enforcement to arrive and provide all the information you have to the officer. Your information could be integral in apprehending the driver.

Talk to witnesses

If there are any bystanders, makes sure you talk to them. They may be privy to a different angle at the accident scene, which can be helpful when figuring out what happened. You should also take down their name and phone numbers for future discussion. Witness testimony often proves invaluable when an accident is taken to court.

Make notes about what happened

While on the scene, take down a few notes on what transpired. Where was the accident located? Which direction did the vehicle speed off in? How were the weather conditions? All of these factors can determine who was at fault, which is crucial when making a claim to your insurance company. If you can, take some pictures of the damage your vehicle sustained. This is another good way to establish fault when the other driver has fled.

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