What are the different types of disability benefits in Virginia?

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If you suffer an injury on the job in Virginia, your employer likely has workers’ compensation coverage to help you out. Workers’ compensation assists you by offering payment for medical expenses and lost wages. There are different categories of claims in this system. The disability benefits you get depend on which category you fall into.

According to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, you get workers’ compensation benefits based on the extent of your injuries.  If your doctor expects you to eventually heal completely, you will get temporary benefits. These are either total or partial. Total means you cannot work at all until you heal. Partial means you could return to work with some restrictions or limitations. The chances are pretty good that you will at least start out with the temporary benefits.

If your injury is severe and the doctor expects that you will never heal completely and get back to being able to do your job in the way you did prior to the injury, then you would get permanent benefits. These also can be partial or total. Partial benefits come with an impairment rating. It gives an idea of how much your injury restricts you and will restrict you moving forward. You may be able to find another position or job in which to work. Total benefits are when your injury is so serious that you will never be able to work again.

Each category of benefits requires medical documentation and proof. You do not get a say in whether you can work or not or if you need restrictions or not. This is completely up to your doctor to make the determination based on the extent of your injury. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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