What are common questions during a SSD hearing?

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As your North Carolina disability hearing inches closer, you may begin to feel anxious or unprepared. This is completely normal! Before your hearing, it is important that you prepare. Your preparations will deliver results in the courtroom. It is important for you to be one hundred percent honest during your hearing. Preparation will give you the roadmap, not to mention, it will help you stay concise in your answers. FindLaw explains how inconsistency can derail a claim. It is important to know the basic topics the judge may ask you.

At your hearing, the judge will ask you about your physical and metal capabilities. He or she may ask about your endurance, about how long you can concentrate or walk. In addition, he or she will want to go over your medical history. This will include how you treat your condition, how often you visit the doctor and what medications you currently take. He or she may also want to know about your employment and education history.

Alongside of your history, you will want to prepare to answer questions about your life prior to your disability. If you have activities that you could do before but can no longer perform, then you should have them on hand.

You may want to keep a diary of your daily activities. This can help you answer the questions regarding your case. This will help you to keep track of your sleeping habits, your physical capabilities and other activities. In addition, you will have a clear idea of when and how often you need your medication.

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