Common mistakes made in SSD applications

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If you have a disability and need to apply for Social Security Disability, there are some important factors to consider that may affect the outcome of your application. Making any of the common mistakes discussed below might lead to a rejection. 

Fortunately, understanding these steps to avoid may help you get your SSD application approved the first time. 

Applying before you can prove qualifications 

Applying for benefits prematurely may lead to rejection if you cannot prove that the disability will affect you on a long-term basis. As the Social Security Administration explains, an important qualification for SSD is that your disability will last at least 12 months. Ensuring you have evidence that confirms your disability will last one year or more is imperative for increasing your chances of qualifying for SSD. Make sure to compile medical evidence that supports your claim. 

Providing insufficient information for the claim 

Providing inaccurate or partial information may result in a rejected application. For example, sharing limited medical records that do not sufficiently document how your disability prevents you from being able to do your previous work might be cause for rejection. Make sure to provide accurate and detailed data to give yourself the best chance of approval. 

Not following the prescribed treatment plan 

If you fail to stay up to date on your doctor visits or do not follow the prescribed treatment option the SSA might deny your claim contending you did not work to improve your condition. An applicant could feel the medication or treatment plan is not effective and discontinue prematurely; however, when the SSA reviews your claim they will also evaluate the treatment plan. 

SSA denies many first time SSD applications, which may lead to an appeal. Claims require a wealth of detailed information that might be difficult to follow and result in these common mistakes for numerous applicants. Fortunately, understanding how to properly prepare can be a powerful asset for applying the correct way and potentially gaining approval for benefits. 

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