Do you know common trucker injuries and how to prevent them?

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As a truck driver based in North Carolina, your job comes with a higher risk of injury when compared to other occupations. Even if your employer has workers’ compensation coverage, it is still best for you to educate yourself on common injuries in your profession and how to prevent them.  

Learn what you need to know from Do not let an avoidable injury keep you from earning a living and doing the job you love.  

Trucker injuries 

Some of the most prevalent injuries truckers suffer include bursitis, wherein the body’s bursa sacs swell and cause pain and restricted movement, and tendonitis, which triggers joint pain caused by straining and improper movement. Truckers also commonly experience arthritis due to repetitive movement. Additionally, you may suffer from back, shoulder and neck injuries as a result of sitting for a long time before quickly shifting to an intense activity like heavy lifting.  

Preventing injuries  

Keep yourself on the road by taking preventative measures. It is a good idea to do some stretching when you stop for the day, as well as before strenuous activities. Remember proper lifting form, and engage in exercises that strengthen your arms, shoulders, back and joints. Invest in quality seat cushions that support your spine and a back brace for extra protection.  

Do not ignore any aches and pains you experience, as they could be a symptom of a bigger health issue. Ask if your employer has a company chiropractor or doctor to help you remain in good health and prevent serious, avoidable injuries.  

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.  

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