Have you suffered a TBI after a crash?

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Virginia residents who suffer a car crash might experience head trauma at the same time. Unfortunately, head injuries often take a long time to recover from. In some cases, the damages can last for months, years or even a lifetime.

TBIs affect different people in different ways. But there are still some similarities that often tie TBI sufferers together.

Brain injuries and memory loss

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center hosts information about traumatic brain injuries. In specific, it examines the link between TBIs and memory loss or damage. This is one common issue you will likely face after a brain injury. In specific, you are likely to suffer from short-term memory loss or damage. This often makes it difficult to complete common, daily tasks. You may also struggle in work due to this.

Temperament changes in TBI victims

Inconsistent temperament is another common issue. You might suffer from mood swings, increased agitation and decreased self-control. Many TBI sufferers end up experiencing uncharacteristic bouts of rage and may take it out on loved ones. This is traumatic for everyone involved. Related, you may have a decreased capacity for dealing with stress. This can cause you to have breakdowns at work or in other social situations.

Most of these can impact your employment. You may also have to take time off for the initial accident and its immediate injuries. This can create a double-edged sword. On one hand, you lose money due to convalescence. On the other, you are not making any money because you must take time off work or even face unemployment. This is why many people seek compensation when in your situation.

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