Going over statistics on drowsy driving accidents

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On the road, you likely encounter many different hazards. From drunk drivers to inclement weather, motor vehicle accidents occur for a host of reasons. Sadly, some accidents take place as a result of drivers suffering from fatigue. Every year, drowsy driving results in many fatalities and leaves even more victims with debilitating injuries.

It is very important for drivers to understand the prevalence of drowsy driving and the devastating toll of these collisions. if a drowsy driver struck you or a loved one, make sure you stand up for your rights and explore all options that could assist in your recovery.

Data on drowsy driving deaths and injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over the course of 2019, 697 people lost their lives in accidents involving a drowsy driver. Furthermore, drowsy driving accidents left an estimated 50,000 victims with injuries during 2017. During 2017, law enforcement received reports of an estimated 91,000 drowsy driving collisions across the country.

Preventing drowsy driving accidents

Drivers can take a number of steps to reduce the likelihood of a drowsy driving accident. The NHTSA suggests that drivers who feel tired behind the wheel should take a short break from driving and drink coffee to increase alertness, although this only increases vigilance temporarily.

Before driving, you should ensure that you have sufficient sleep, avoid alcohol and understand whether certain medications you take cause drowsiness. Sadly, some drivers get behind the wheel even though they are too tired to focus on the road, and they should answer for the consequences of their actions if a crash occurs.

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