What does TBI treatment look like?

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If you suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI resulting from a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the road ahead. You may not understand all of the treatment options available to you or what your future looks like.

According to Mayo Clinic, your treatment depends on the severity of your traumatic brain injury.

Surgery for TBI

Often, surgery occurs in the case of an emergency. Surgeons may need to stop a bleed in your brain, repair a skull fracture or remove a blood clot. Another common surgery includes opening a window in your skull. The point of this surgery is to relieve the pressure in your skull.

Medication for TBI

If you suffered secondary damage from your TBI, you may require medication for the traumatic brain injury. Those who have seizures due to TBI need anti-seizure drugs. For some patients, this is short-lived, but others may need the medicine as the seizures continue.

Some patients may also receive diuretics. Diuretics reduce the fluid in tissues. This helps reduce pressure in the brain.

Rehabilitation for TBI

Many people who suffer from a TBI need rehabilitation. You may need to learn your basic skills over again or how to perform daily activities. You may begin therapy within a hospital or through an inpatient rehabilitation unit. Outpatient rehabs are also available.

Generally, your rehabilitation professionals will include a physical therapist, a physiatrist, an occupational therapist, rehabilitation nurse, speech therapist and vocational counselor. The types of caregivers that you have while recovering will depend on your specific situation.

Physicians will assess your capabilities before assigning doctors to assist you with those functions.

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