What should you do if you lose your workers’ comp case?

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You hurt yourself on the clock recently, but your employer has workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, your claim did not receive approval. What should you do now?

Chron explores employee rights and options after receiving a compensation denial. You may have more options than you realize.

Appeal the decision

After you initially report your injury, your company’s workers’ comp coverage provider has a specific timeframe to respond. If the claims examiner denies your claim, you may appeal the decision, but you must do so according to current North Carolina law.

Reject temporary disability

A workers’ comp physician could disagree that your injury prevents you from working and approve you for temporary disability. You may seek a second medical opinion, but again, you must adhere to state law if you do. Understand that your company could request you receive a review from its physician.

Reject a permanent disability offer

Even if your employer approves you for permanent disability, you and your primary care physician may not accept the amount offered to cover your future health care costs and lost wages. If not, you may reject the offer and consult with the claims examiner about getting a better deal. A second option is to appeal.

Lose the appeal

You may lose your appeal for a denied comp claim. If you do, your company does not have to cover your medical bills or lost wages. Sometimes, companies that take retaliatory action against injured employees open themselves to legal damages, fines and penalties.

You should concentrate on recovering from your injury, not fighting against insurance providers. Learning more about your recourse options could help ease your concerns.

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