How to Prove a Speeding Driver Caused Your Car Accident

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Car accidents are scary and often have serious repercussions, especially if a speeding driver is involved. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones following an accident caused by a speeding driver requires a lot of planning, particularly if you want to make sure that the right party is held accountable.

Proving that a speeding driver caused your accident requires some legwork, including evidence gathering and filing a police report. All of this work can be a bit overwhelming in the wake of an accident, especially if you’re trying to recover from your injuries.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a speeding driver, here are four steps to getting the proof you’ll need to establish your claim.

1. File a police report

A police report may be critical in proving that a speeding driver caused your accident. Courts place weight on the outcome of these reports and generally respect the statements made by the responding officer. The officer will also collect witness information and detail any citations made at the scene, including whether the other driver was issued a speeding ticket. Be sure to call the police immediately following an accident, even if it seems minor.

2. Collect evidence at the scene of the accident

Physical evidence is important in proving your claim. It will help to move your claim from a matter of “he said/she said” to more persuasive evidence. Take photos of each of the vehicles from all sides and angles, and be sure to include photos of how the cars are positioned following the accident. Remember also to take photos of skid marks and any road debris. There is no such thing as too many photos! These photos could help determine how fast the other car was driving, whether the driver applied the brakes, and what the car’s speed was at impact.

3. Find your witnesses

A witness, an objective third party who saw the accident or noted the speed of the cars at issue, can provide testimony that helps your legal team. If someone stops to help you following an accident or if you notice any bystanders, take down their information and ask whether they’d be willing to provide a statement.

4. Collect evidence from your electric data recorder

If you drive a newer vehicle, it may be equipped with an electronic data recorder. This helpful little recorder can track your car’s speed before the time of impact, acceleration metrics, and additional data on whether and when the brakes were applied. You can download this data with a diagnostic link detector. A personal injury lawyer can use this data as good, objective evidence of your safe driving.

Do you need help managing your accident claim?

Proving that a speeding driver caused your accident is important to getting you compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. It can also help bring you peace of mind.

If you haven’t already asked a lawyer for help, you’ll benefit from bringing in a specialist to strengthen your case and help you gather compelling evidence. The experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Hunter & Everage in Richmond, Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Montgomery, Alabama, can help ensure that your case is handled properly.

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