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Workers’ Compensation Law

When you get hurt on the job, workers’ compensation should cover your medical care and wage loss so you can focus on healing. Unfortunately, this simple idea has become very complicated under the current workers’ compensation system and many workers find they need an attorney to help them navigate the system.

The Workers’ Compensation System

Workers’ compensation was established around the turn of the century and its purpose was to have employers share in the risk of worker injuries. At common law, a worker would have to sue in tort if injured on the job and would have to show that his employer was negligent. Workers’ compensation does not require a showing of fault on the part of the employer and the idea is that the employer is profiting off of the labor of the worker and should therefore assume some of the costs of an employee becoming injured. There have been many changes to the workers’ compensation system since its inception but the fundamental tenants of workers’ compensation law remain the same.

Types of Benefits

In addition to medical treatment, workers’ compensation covers lost wages as well as permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, temporary total disability, and temporary partial disability. The amount of compensation a worker receives is dependent on the nature of the injury and or the disability.

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