A dog bite injury can be a traumatizing experience

When a dog attacks your child, you can feel helpless as a parent. Try as you might to protect them, a sudden, vicious dog bite can cause serious injury and lasting emotional trauma. While you cannot erase the experience of the accident, it may be possible to obtain compensation for your child’s injuries.

We can assist you and your child on the path to recovery. At Hunter & Everage, our attorneys understand the delicate nature of dog bite incidents, which can often involve the negligence of relatives or friends. We aid our Charlotte and Richmond clients as they seek the damages necessary to move on from such a traumatic accident.

When is a dog owner negligent?

Determining negligence in a dog bite personal injury claim can be complicated. To establish a successful claim, a plaintiff must prove the occurrence of demonstrable negligence. As we serve clients in both North Carolina and Virginia, our attorneys firmly understand how each state views these accidents:

  • North Carolina: State law imposes a strict liability clause on dog owners. An owner of a dog who inflicts injury or property damage may be liable for damages if they knowingly let the animal run free.
  • Virginia: A dog owner can be liable if they knew that their animal posed a threat to others prior to an attack. They can also be found liable if it is determined that they should have known their dog was dangerous.

Both states employ what is known as the “one bite” rule. This means that, generally, liability is not possible if a dog has no previous history of attacking. Once dangerous, aggressive behavior occurs, however, a dog owner is responsible for all ensuing attacks or bites. Because of the complex nature of state laws pertaining to dog bites, it is beneficial to consult with a law firm that understands the nuances of these cases.

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