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Hope When You’re Up Against Hard Times

Your health keeps you from working. Or you got injured on the job. Or you got hurt in an

If you’re going through one of these shocks, this could be the hardest time you and your
family have ever experienced. It’s understandable if you feel depressed.

But don’t give up.

With the right compensation, you can take charge of your situation and move on with
your life.

You just need help to get there.

You need an attorney who does more than file paperwork. You need someone who
guides you through complicated legal processes with dignity and respect.

At Hunter & Everage, we stay by your side every step of the way.

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Your Needs Come First

When you live in North Carolina or Virginia, you get an advantage if you have a lawyer
who knows the local health care services, local courts and local judges.

Some big, out-of-state law firms might try to copy and paste your case from thousands
of others they’ve done somewhere else.

With offices in Charlotte and Richmond, the attorneys at Hunter & Everage take special
care to address your specific needs.

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Help When You’re Hurting

Hunter & Everage helps you whether you have a Social Security Disability Insurance
(SSDI) claim, a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury claim, or you need
defense against criminal charges:

When medical problems keep you from working, it’s a struggle to take care of
your health and pay all your bills.

You worked hard and paid into the Social Security system, so you’ve earned the
right to disability benefits that could keep you financially stable.

But Social Security has thousands of rules for disability. Most people get denied.

The attorneys at Hunter & Everage know how to make a successful claim for

The workers’ compensation system exists to protect you when you’re hurt on the
job in Virginia or North Carolina – and now you can’t work.

It’s supposed to cover the medical treatment you need after your injury, so you
can heal.

It’s supposed to replace some of your lost wages, so you can continue
supporting yourself and your family.
Sometimes, it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. That’s when you need an
attorney to help you navigate the system.

If you’re hurt in a car wreck, a truck wreck or a slip and fall on private property in
North Carolina or Virginia, remember that the big insurance companies are
looking to make money, not to help you.

Dealing with insurance is difficult – and you’re already hurting – so turn that job
over to Hunter & Everage.

We’ll fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe you found yourself in a situation you couldn’t

When you’re facing criminal charges, the legal system can be brutally

At Hunter & Everage, we believe in helping people in difficult circumstances.
Your right to a just process is absolute. We’ll make sure you don’t face the system alone.

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