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Social Security Disability gives people who cannot work because of severe medical conditions much-needed relief. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty obtaining benefits, and most applicants have their first application denied. If you believe that you qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD), you need a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you through the process. At Hunter & Everage, we help our clients apply for Social Security Disability and fight for them in the appeals process. Our offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia, give clients in the surrounding metro areas the best chance of winning their deserved benefits. You will not pay us anything until we win your benefits, and our lawyers will review your case in a free consultation.

How we help clients get SSD benefits

Getting the Social Security Disability benefits you need is a process that applicants must take seriously, and filling out the application with the correct information is vital to winning benefits. In our first meeting, we will help you determine whether you qualify for Social Security Disability and help you start the process. Our lawyers make sure that our clients’ applications are:

  1. Accurate: Our lawyers can get your application right the first time so that you can avoid setbacks and delays. Medical evidence from your doctor is essential to have a strong application. This evidence provides concrete proof of your health and reason for needing Social Security Disability benefits. We will help you find low-cost or free treatment options that allow you to get accurate medical evidence.
  2. Thorough: We will use the evidence gained from appointments with doctors and a thorough investigation to create a personalized application. Our attorneys will make sure that your application for Social Security Disability has the relevant information from your life.
  3. Timely: Obtaining Social Security Disability can be a lengthy process, so it is essential to start as soon as possible. You should apply right away if you stop working because not having a recent enough work history can disqualify you from certain benefits. Additionally, you may also be able to receive benefits that cover the time after your first application until you are granted benefits.

Fighting for you after a denied application

Many people feel defeated after being denied Social Security benefits. If your application is denied, it is important to remember that Social Security Disability is not a free handout. You earned these benefits by working and paying into the Social Security system. Because you paid into this system, you should appeal your denied application.

At Hunter & Everage, our Social Security Disability appeals lawyers will work to get you the benefits you deserve. We will help you make the lengthy and confusing process as easy as possible. Our skilled attorneys will fight for you and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your appeal.

Talk to a knowledgeable lawyer in a free consultation

Waiting to apply for Social Security Disability will not improve your chance of receiving benefits and could cause you to become disqualified from certain benefits. Our attorneys will handle the challenges of your case so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Call our Charlotte office at 704-251-2945 or our Richmond office at 804-297-0838 to schedule your free consultation. We are also available for questions by email.

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