Richmond Drug Crime Lawyer

Arrested for Drugs in Virginia?

Virginia prosecutes drug crimes aggressively, often handing out harsh sentences. If you’ve been charged with simple possession or with possession with intent to distribute various drugs, you need the most effective available legal representation to protect your rights. Criminal defense lawyer Horace Hunter is an experienced and aggressive defender of the rights of those accused of possessing or distributing CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substances).

Once you’ve been arrested for possessing CDS it’s imperative to immediately ask for legal counsel from an expert drug crimes defense attorney. In Mr. Hunter’s experience, the government’s best evidence usually results from your admissions and statements made during police questioning. Asking for legal counsel before making even the most seemingly harmless statements will protect your rights to examine all of the avenues of defense available to you.

Drug Crime Schedules in Virginia

Under Virginia law, possession of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, meth, or other drugs classified as Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 is a felony. Possession of marijuana or pot, most prescription drugs, and drugs classified as Schedule 3, Schedule 4 or Schedule 5 is a misdemeanor. Felony drug convictions in the Commonwealth of Virginia can carry sentences up to 30 years in prison. For repeat felony offenders in some cases life sentences can be handed down and fines can range up to $500,000.

Experienced and Aggressive Drug Crime Lawyer

Horace Hunter is an experienced criminal defense attorney. He believes it’s important to keep agents of the government and the police honest in the way they collect and use evidence in drug investigations and subsequent prosecutions. He understands the process law enforcement agencies use and the laws regulating how evidence must be collected in order to be admissible in court. If you were arrested during a traffic stop, he will examine the reasons the police singled you out and challenge your detention. He then reviews the facts which led to the identification of the drugs. And then he will trace the testing and chain of custody of the evidence, which are required by law in order to prove they are illegal controlled dangerous substances. Often mistakes are made that can be used in your defense.

If you’ve been charged with any drug offense from simple possession to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, call today. Mr. Hunter understands that every client has the right to all of their constitutional protections. He will fight hard for you to see you receive the justice you deserve.

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