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We know that it is hard enough to deal with a serious health problem before money becomes a factor. A severe illness or disability can prevent you from working, which means a struggle to make ends meet. Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could be what you need to protect your independence and dignity. But, the Social Security Disability application process can be complex, and a mistake can have serious repercussions.

At Hunter & Everage, we make sure that our clients’ SSD applications are accurate and well-composed. Our attorneys have over 35 years of combined Social Security Disability experience and a lengthy history of positive results for clients. Our firm also offers favorable fee structures; you will not pay us anything until we win your benefits. Contact our Charlotte, North Carolina, or Richmond, Virginia, office to schedule your free consultation.

Requirements for Social Security disability

To qualify for SSD, you must meet specific eligibility requirements. These qualifications include:

  • You have worked and paid into the Social Security system recently, generally five out of the last 10 years.
  • You no longer can work full-time because of health problems.
  • You cannot adjust to a new kind of work.
  • You have medical records showing your condition is serious.
  • Your disability is likely to last at least a year.

Even though the Social Security requirements say that you need to be off work for a year, do not wait to start the application process. Waiting could cause you to miss out on benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider your workers’ compensation status as you apply, but if you are still unable to work after your workers’ compensation runs out, you want Social Security Disability to be there for you.

Helping you with denied applications

Most people are denied their rightful Social Security Disability benefits on the first try. This denial can happen for many reasons:

  • Your doctor didn’t know you fit the legal definition of a disability.
  • A Social Security employee didn’t collect the right medical records.
  • A Social Security official found an error or inconsistency in your information.

If the SSA denies your SSD benefits, we urge you to file an appeal. Our lawyers can help you file an appeal, and we will fight for your best interests throughout the process. If you are unable to obtain records of medical treatment, we will find free or low-cost treatment options to back up the claims. We will ensure that your application contains all the relevant and accurate information needed to get the best possible outcome on an appeal.

Talk to a knowledgeable Charlotte or Richmond Lawyer without upfront fees

We know that Social Security Disability applications are personal for our clients. These applications are about your health, your finances, your work history, your illness and other case-specific details. Because of the individual nature of these applications, you need an attorney who will take the time to get to know you so that you can have a personalized application. At Hunter & Everage, we will treat you like an individual. We will pay attention to the details of your situation and build an individualized strategy for you.

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