What to Do After Being Denied Disability

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When you apply for disability, there’s always a chance you get denied, especially if it is your first time applying. If this is the case, don’t let frustration consume you. Our disability lawyers in Richmond, VA can help you establish your case, so you increase your chances of getting approved the second time around! Here’s what you should do if you have been denied disability.

Act Fast

Time is of the essence when it comes to appealing your application denial. Did you know that there is a strict deadline for appealing your denial? Our disability lawyers in Richmond, VA know what it takes to move quickly to establish your case, so you don’t have to go through another denial.

Understand the Process

Knowing what different stages that the appeal process includes can help you navigate the seemingly complicated world of disability. There are four different stages of the appeals process:

  • Reconsideration: This is your chance to submit new information that was not included in your first case. A new individual will also re-evaluate your case at this time, looking at both old and new evidence.
  • Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing: If your reconsideration again gets denied, you’ll meet with a Social Security administrative law judge. This is one of your best opportunities to win your case, so it’s important to be prepared. Our disability lawyers in Richmond, VA will work with you, so you feel confident going into the meeting.
  • Appeals Council Review: If you were again denied, the Appeals Council will evaluate your case, resulting in a denial, an approval or return it to the ALJ.
  • Federal Court Review: In order to pursue this step and take it to the U.S. District Court, you need an attorney who is qualified. We have the experience to do this!

If you aren’t well-versed in this legal area, all of the steps can be overwhelming. Contact our disability lawyers in Richmond, VA during this tough time so we can help you obtain disability.

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