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What causes large truck accidents?

As a motorist, you likely share the roadways with large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers on a daily basis, with many of these vehicles outweighing your car by several tons. When accidents happen, the resulting injuries and property damage are usually catastrophic,...

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What is nursing home neglect?

In the most basic sense, nursing home neglect is the failure for nursing home staff to adequately care for nursing home residents. However, this definition does not fully encompass the scope of nursing home neglect, or convey how dangerous it can actually be.  Nursing...

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Relocating Charlotte Office

In Spring 2019, Hunter | Everage will relocate its Charlotte office to 5457 Monroe Road to a larger office to better serve our clients. In October 2018, the new property was purchased. Demolition and renovation of the new space is under way. Hunter | Everage will...

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The Importance Of A Local Attorney