What does TBI treatment look like?

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI resulting from a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the road ahead. You may not understand all of the treatment options available to you or what your future looks like. According to Mayo Clinic,...

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Why are cat bites so dangerous?

Cat lovers all across Virginia are likely very tempted to give the local neighborhood cat a pet when it passes by. Unfortunately, cat bites can actually be even more dangerous to your health than dog bites.  First of all, cats and dogs house different types of...

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How can I prevent dog bites?

It's the duty of dog owners to keep their animals in control at all times. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible, which can lead to dog attacks and bites capable of causing significant damage. When encountering an aggressive dog, there are certain things...

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The Importance Of A Local Attorney