Tips for Safe Driving in the Summer

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Did you know that there are more car accidents in the summer than in the winter? This is a startling fact that many drivers do not know, as slick, snow-filled roads are associated with dangerous driving conditions. The best thing you can do about summer driving is being aware of the threats that it poses. Make sure to contact our Charlotte personal injury lawyers if you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident.

Here are some tips on how to get through the rest of the summer accident-free.

Avoid Construction Routes

Many cities must complete construction projects during the summer months, making it stressful for both the workers as well as other drivers on the road. Try to avoid parts of the city that you know are experiencing a lot of construction projects, as drivers in that area may be impatient from any congestion.

Have Patience

Summer is a time for road trips, so there is a larger amount of people entering and leaving the city. School is out during the summer, so there will be more teen drivers on the road who don’t have as much driving experience. Don’t be in a rush, because there may be increased traffic. Having patience is the key to safe driving, especially when there are people who may not know the city very well.

Check the Tire Pressure

Warm weather inside of your tires can cause them to expand and even burst. Make sure that your tire pressure is at a safe level. Make sure you have an accessible spare tired in the case of an emergency.

Contact our Charlotte personal injury attorneys if you experience an injury from a car accident.

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