How can you tell if your dog bite is infected?

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A dog’s mouth contains bacteria that you do not want to enter the human body. Because of this, it is important that if you suffer a dog bite that you clean the wound thoroughly and wrap the wound to prevent any form of infection. Unfortunately, this may not always prevent an infection. If you suffer a dog bite, how do you know that it is becoming something more serious? 

Dog bites can be painful, even without infection. If the dog’s bite affected the nerves or bones of the hand, then they can be problematic or need medical attention. The same is true for deeper wounds. However, how do you know if the wound has an infection? Medical News Today has answers on how to tell if your bite has an infection. 

The symptoms of a dog bite infection may begin within a few days of a dog bite. The first sign is redness around the wound and additional swelling. The wound may be hot to the touch. In addition, it will be sore and painful; you may have difficulty moving the affected limb. If there is any drainage from the wound, then you may have an infection. 

Some more serious signs of an infection include: 

  • Fever 
  • Night sweats 
  • Shaking 

When an infection reaches this point, it may mean that it has spread to different parts of your body. To treat an infection, keep the wound clean and protected. Additionally, you can use antibiotic cream to assist with fighting any type of infection. If the infection is more serious, contact a doctor for antibiotic treatment. 

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