Extreme heat, dizziness and construction accidents

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When construction workers find themselves in a very hot environment, getting through the day is often very hard. In the summer months, it is smart for construction workers to avoid pushing themselves to work when temperatures become unbearable. Unfortunately, some workers are asked to continue their job during brutal heat, while others do not realize how dangerous it is to work in extreme heat.

Working in a very hot environment increases the likelihood of an on-the-job accident in different ways. Some workers become dizzy or even pass out, which is especially dangerous when working with dangerous machinery or in high places.


For starters, those who are working on a roof, ladder or scaffolding are more likely to fall down when it becomes very hot. Often, those working in high places are exposed to the sun and do not benefit from air conditioning, as opposed to those who work indoors. A construction worker who becomes dizzy or loses focus as a result of oppressive heat is more likely to take a wrong step or even pass out while working, potentially leading to a fatal accident or a serious injury.


Aside from heights, those who use dangerous equipment are also more likely to become hurt when it is very hot out. For example, someone using a saw is more likely to cut themselves or lose a finger if they cannot focus on their work because of extreme heat. Also, workers face the risk of an injury when others around them have difficulty handling the conditions (such as a co-worker who drops a hammer or some other object from above).

It is crucial for those injured in construction accidents to explore their legal options, such as workers’ compensation, and our website discusses more.

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