What are your options for appealing SSD denial?

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Much to your dismay, you received a denial for your Social Security Disability application. Do you plan to appeal?

To help you understand your options for moving forward, read what the Social Security Administration says on the matter. Save time by making the right decision and understanding your rights.

Appeals Council review

Before reaching out to the Appeals Council, do some research to determine whether your denial adhered to the latest Social Security regulations. If so, the council may deny your appeal request. If your appeal moves forward, the council either makes the final call or transfers your case to an administrative law judge for additional investigation.


Were you denied SSD because of medical reasons? You may ask for an online appeal, known as a reconsideration. The way this option works is a third party unassociated with your case looks into your original claim. Reconsideration involves reviewing your submitted evidence and any new details that you may have. You may also request a reconsideration if the SSA denied you benefits because of overpayments, your income, your current living situation or other non-medical reasons.

Administrative law judge hearing

You may opt to attend a hearing with an administrative law judge within roughly 75 miles of your geographic location. You could also attend a video hearing if that proves more convenient. Either way, read over your hearing confirmation package so you have an idea of how the process works. Your package also gives you the option of declining the video hearing if you do not feel comfortable with the option.

Your chances of receiving SSD benefits do not have to end with a denial. Think about which appeals option suits you most favorably.

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