How can a spinal cord injury impact you?

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After a car crash or other accident, you may notice some signs of spinal cord trauma.

Sudden whiplash or a hard collision with another object can cause this kind of injury. For weeks or months afterwards, mental, emotional and physical problems often arise.

Restricted movement

According to the Mayo Clinic, being unable to bend down or twist your head from side to side is a common symptom of this problem. Many people have trouble with unwanted reflexes or spasms, and find that doing everyday tasks takes longer than before. You may have trouble moving your arms or legs freely, as well as turning your neck.

Pain and irritation

An aching feeling around your spine or back is often a sign of damaged nerve fibers. This pain may increase in the time following an accident, if left untreated. The adrenaline from the crash can often obscure the feelings of discomfort and strain, but as that wears off, you may find yourself suddenly feeling worse.

Some people even struggle to breathe after a spinal cord injury. If you find yourself coughing or clearing your throat often, and notice secretions from your lungs, it could be a sign of trauma.

Mood swings

After a serious accident, you may also deal with bouts of depression and anxiety. Living with a spinal cord injury can lead to a notable change in sexual health and the ability to lead an active lifestyle.

This can impact your mental health and lead to varied mood swings while you start to learn how to cope with this new lifestyle. Dealing with spinal cord injuries after a car accident can affect all parts of your life.


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