OSHA violations and construction accidents

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If you work in construction, you face many hazards on the job. Unfortunately, many construction workers suffer injuries and some even die due to OSHA violations. Review some common examples of OSHA violations and take steps to protect yourself at work. Moreover, if you recently suffered an injury while performing your job duties, explore resources available to you, such as workers’ compensation benefits.

Sadly, some employers fail to abide by OSHA regulations and these violations continue to result in many accidents each year.

Reviewing common OSHA violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlined various examples of OSHA violations in the construction industry. According to OSHA, most violations in fiscal year 2019 centered around fall protection, hazard communication and scaffolding requirements. Other common examples of OSHA violations in construction involve ladders, eye protection, respiratory protection, machinery, industrial trucks and hazardous energy. In 2019, over 5,300 workers lost their lives while performing their job duties. Among these deaths, about 20% involved construction workers in the private sector.

Reviewing your options after a construction accident

In the wake of a construction accident, you need to pore over your options. For many victims, the recovery process is lengthy, complicated and painful. Some people cannot work in construction ever again. Look into the feasibility of workers’ compensation, which offers multiple benefits. Some workers take additional action, such as those who sustained a devastating injury because their employer failed to abide by OSHA regulations. Every construction accident is unique, as well as the impact of an injury. Try to remain positive and focus on your future.

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