Can my adult child receive benefits from my SSDI?

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If you get Social Security disability benefits, your minor children may also qualify to receive benefits on your account. Once they turn 18 years old, most children will stop receiving benefits, but there is a possibility that your adult child can continue to get them.

The Social Security Administration explains a child who has a disability that occurs prior to the age of 22 can continue to receive SSDI after turning 18. The benefit will still payout on your record as a child’s benefit.


The child can be your biological child, stepchild or adopted child. Your grandchild or step-grandchild may also qualify in some situations.

The disability must be something that would qualify the child under the same standards as adults must meet. It must start before the 22nd birthday of the child.

In addition, the child must be single. Married individuals will have to qualify under their own account.

Your child also cannot have earnings that go over the set limit, which changes each year. The SSA does allow some earnings, though, so if your child works, it may not exclude him or her from benefits.


You will need to submit information to the SSA for a ruling determination in your case if you wish to have your adult child receive benefits on your record. The SSA will review the application just as it would a new request for benefits. It will go through the same medical review that your application went through prior to you receiving benefits.

In some cases, adult children can continue to receive SSDI on their parent’s record, but it does require meeting specific requirements and applying for the benefits.

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