Some Employers Play Dirty With Workers’ Compensation Claims

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

If you’re injured on the job, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive the support you need to recover. However, not all employers play fair when it comes to acknowledging their responsibility in providing this compensation.

In this blog, we shed light on some unscrupulous tactics employers might employ to avoid or reduce their liability for their employees’ legitimate workers’ compensation claims. As advocates for the rights of injured workers, we believe it is crucial to expose these tactics to ensure justice prevails.

Underreporting accidents and misclassifying workers’ responsibilities

Employers may underreport workplace injuries or misclassify your job duties to downplay the risks in their workplace. By doing so, they attempt to avoid higher insurance premiums associated with a history of workplace accidents.

Failing to maintain a safe workplace

Some employers cut corners on safety measures and fail to provide proper training or required personal protective equipment. Others fail to maintain a safe working environment. This negligence can lead to accidents, and instead of accepting responsibility, employers may try to shift blame onto you, the injured employee.

Retaliating and intimidating injured employees

Fear of retaliation is a powerful weapon in the hands of malicious employers. They may attempt to intimidate you by threatening job loss or other adverse actions if you tell them you plan to file a workers’ compensation claim. This unethical behavior discourages injured workers like you from seeking the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Delaying reporting and investigation of workers’ comp claims

Employers might purposefully delay reporting an injury or conducting a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding it. This delay can create challenges in establishing a clear link between the workplace and the injury, making it harder for you to prove that a connection existed.

Selectively using surveillance

Employers may use surveillance selectively to capture moments that could be misconstrued to dispute the legitimacy of your injury. This can include showing that you have engaged in activities that seem inconsistent with your claimed injuries.

Providing inadequate or incorrect documentation

Employers may manipulate or provide inadequate documentation related to your injury, medical treatment, or incident reports. This tactic aims to create confusion and weaken your case during the claims process.

Pressuring you to settle quickly

Employers may pressure you to settle your claim quickly, often offering lower compensation than what your injury deserves. This tactic is an attempt to resolve the matter swiftly and with only a minimal hit to their pocket.

What to do if your employer plays hardball with your workers’ compensation claim

As advocates for the rights of injured workers, we stand against employers who resort to unethical tactics to avoid liability for injuries that occur in the workplace. If you find yourself facing any of these challenges, seek legal representation promptly.

Our law firm is committed to fighting for justice and ensuring that injured workers receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Together, we can expose these tactics and work toward a fair and just resolution for those who have suffered workplace injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation in Charlotte, Montgomery, or Richmond.

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